Holiday Sampler Box

Holiday Sampler Box

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Give the gift of Up North Coffee! This seasonal sampler gift box is for the person in your life who is new to coffee or loves coffee - they can try it all! From the earthy flavor of our Blizzard of '91 Blend to the bright flavors of our Ethiopia roast.

This gift box includes: 

  • One 6 oz bag of Blizzard of '91
  • One 6 oz bag of Lake Lover
  • One 6 oz bag of Rwanda
  • One 6 oz bag of Ethiopia

Blizzard of '91 is a medium roast blend of Colombian and Rwanda beans with a smooth flavor. Flavor Profile: earthy, rustic, chocolate, bittersweet.

Lake Lover is a blend of Ethiopian and Columbian beans with an unrefined rustic aroma. Flavor Profile: light, mild, fruity. 

Rwanda is a medium dark roast with a sweet flavor. Notes of clove and cinnamon. Flavor Profile: earthy

Ethiopia is a lighter roast with bright floral flavor.  Notes of mango and salmonberry. Flavor Profile: bright, fruity, light.

This product is available for a limited time only. 6 oz bags are not available for individual sale. Packaged gift ready.