Decaf Mexico - Veracruz
Decaf Mexico - Veracruz

Decaf Mexico - Veracruz

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Looking for a decaf that actually tastes good? Look no further. This coffee brews a cup that is sweet with tart citric acidity and hints of chocolate and almond, making for a fantastic cup of coffee without the caffeine.

Origin: Mexico

Region: Veracruz

Farm: Multiple Small Holders

Varietal: Bourbon, Typica

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1200 -1600 Meters

Roast Level: Medium

Learn more about the decaf process:

Our coffee is naturally decaffeinated using mountain water. As a popular natural method for decaffeination, the Mountain Water Process uses pure water as an extraction solution, separating the caffeine compounds from the unroasted green coffee without the use of other solvents or chemicals.

Mountain Water decaf process is 100% chemical-free. The decaffeination process removes roughly 99% of the coffee’s caffeine while preserving the coffee’s original flavor profile.